Don't force out the "non-techies"

Dieser Artikel ist uns aus der Seele gesprochen. It's OK to build new sites on Drupal 7 Info für die non-techies (und ggf. auch Techies) unter uns, die Drupal 7 lieben und nicht so recht wissen, was sie von Drupal 8 halten sollen. Wir sind nicht allein. Abgesehen davon, daß sie endlich gemerkt haben, daß Europa anders tickt als USA (der Wandel fing an mit der DCon Paris, lange, lange Zeit zurück) und die DA sich daher von den Eurpäischen Drupal Cons zurückzieht, weil sie finanziell immer mehr Verlust einbrachten (vgl Diskussion dazu: DrupalCon Europe) gibt es einen interessanten thread zum Thema D8, der mir sehr aus der Seele spricht. DrupalCon Europe: Solving The financial problem Der Satz "come for the community stay for the software" gilt schon seit ein paar Jahren nicht mehr Quelle: It's OK to build new sites on Drupal 7 Ein paar Auszüge von vielen, ist ein langer thread, aber lohnt sich. Besonders aus der Seele gesprochen die beiden ersten: quotes diverse: (comment-953) Great read... and I thought I'd be the only Drupalist in the world who downgraded his own site back to D7 after struggling with getting even simple things done in the frontend 31. Oktober 2017 um 08:45:01 MEZ (comment-957) Steve has commented on: "It's OK to build new sites on Drupal 7" I dipped my toe in the Backdrop pond for an hour last night. Scarily good out of the box I must say. I had a site up and running with a modified theme and a few extra modules added all without leaving the admin section (no cutting and pasting of download links to add features.) I'd happily suggest to my non-techie Wordpress-loving friends that they give it a go, which is something I would never had said about D7 even though I love it. Also did some reading about the history of the project, which was forked from D8 not 7, but early on before Symfony was added. My only reservation at the moment is that it seems a tiny community. Some of what I would consider to be common modules only have a couple of hundred users so I wonder how sustainable the project will be. This may well be a way forward for many of us, though it would greatly sadden me to leave the Drupal community. Davy Jones has commented (comment-958) Fair enough - I've been patching drupal ever since start using it back in 2005, despite the saying “don't code, there's module for that”, ouch! The point about #2573807 being - nobody bothered to see if Drupal core 8.4 will break something as simple as path redirect! Substantial amount of my own patches were refused for both contrib and core—despite adding value new features to the plate—because they didn't fit the Acios-and-co modus operandi. Result is currently observed as a very constant transition from Drupal's adoption curve to abandonment curve. weitere As this decade progresses, You will see more people moving away from Drupal and just maintaining existing rigs before migrating to other technologies. Drupal 7 contrib modules are mostly abandoned. ...Drupal 8 has several longstanding file usage tracking bugs. To prevent further data loss, Drupal 8.4 has disabled the automatic deletion of files with no known remaining usages. This will result of the accumulation of unused files on sites... ... Drupal is a community project, and not an Acquia-and-co project, built and maintained to serve Acquia-and-co exclusively, is beyond tragicomical already. On the other hand, Drupal 8 is dysfunctional bugzaster and the contrib is hardly there. Is that what this uber-hipster, ultra-tested, over-engineered Drupal 8 wonder is all about? Breaking peoples 301 redirects? Drupal 8 was opened for development more than 6 years ago and released 2 years ago and with Drupal core 8.4 from 3 weeks ago, broke everyone's URL redirects - thousands of websites. Mato (comment-959) Thanks for this post, it backs completely my experience as a site builder who started working with Drupal 6 8 years ago, built several Drupal 7 sites for happy clients, has several new projects for next year and is seriously considering keep using Drupal 7 as when I tried with Drupal 8 for a small project I felt very uncomfortable with composer, dependencies, upgrades, I was often thinking: this was so easy in Drupal 7, what happened now? Building site in Drupal is just part of my work, but an important one, and I am now struggling into this situation: keep with the good of Drupal 7, even if will have problems in few years, it has abandoned modules and lacks nice new templates (really a shame); wait and test again Drupal 8 next year to see if it has lowered the bar or switch to another platform (feels scary right now, but it is what I did years ago from Wordpress to Drupal and it was a great choice a that time!). end quotes Ich werde mir demnächst ansehen, klingt interessant. Interessant auch der Hinweis, daß Symphonie erst später in D8 eingeführt wurde. Das erklärt einiges.

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October 22, 2017: Drupal 7.x ca. 900,000 Drupal 8.x kleiner 200,000
It's seems like Automatic/WordPress will offer NodeJS as paid service to the Wordpress users who can not run/afford to add it to their stack. ...And Acquia just started their NodeJS-as-service offering, along with DAM - historically, a sane DAM being Drupal's weakest point